How often should you update your headshot?

Actor Headshots

If you have ever heard anyone say you don’t look like your headshot – you need to get some new headshots taken ASAP. A big reason for not being cast is how closely you resemble your headshot. The casting director has picked your headshot as having the right appearance for a given part – do you look like your headshot?


Business/Corporate/Creative industry headshots

For non-actors refreshing your headshot might not seem so important, but the same logic is true whether your headshot was seen in an email, LinkedIn profile or a website. Your clients or contacts want to know what you look like. You’ll need a new headshot if your appearance has changed – weight loss or gain, started to wear glasses, grown or shaved off a beard or other facial hair. Maybe you have switched roles, written a new style of book and new a more or less formal look to your headshots.


Child headshots

Child headshots also need to reflect the age of your child, as a parent of three myself I know that my kids go through stages of development not necessarily tied with age but they may have a growth spurt and that may change their facial features a little. Have one headshot between four and five, two headshots between the ages of six and nine, two headshots between the ages of nine and 12, three headshots between 13 and 17, and one between 18 and 20. i.e Puberty is the time when you might need to refresh your headshots more regularly.

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Whatever your reason for updating your headshots, we can discuss the reasons for your change and make sure your new headshots reflect you and your casting or business aspirations.