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Actor Headshots

Actors’ headshots are super important – but don’t stress – we can get that great professional headshot to kickstart, enhance or boost your career. Headshots that not only look like you (but “on a good day”) but a portfolio of headshots that will stand out and show your personality. 

Knowing what type of roles you want to be cast for is very important – your headshot should play to your strengths – ‘Who you are’ is what you need to show in your headshot that will get in front of casting directors, ‘What you can be’ comes later.

When you book in with me, you’ll answer a headshot pre-booking survey to help you think about your acting casting type, physicality and character traits are all really important in making sure your acting headshot reflects the type of roles a casting director realistically would cast you in. We then have a chat before the shoot to further discuss this and talk about clothing choices, your aspirations and how the headshot photoshoot might work on the day.

Actor headshots

Cinematic Acting Headshots

Modern headshots

Contemporary headshots have moved on from black and white, the modern headshot is colour and is often described as cinematic or environmental (An outside or on-set look – but not necessarily shot outside.)

I shoot headshots with a mix of natural and studio lighting. Nowadays, too editorial shots and looking off-camera could be part of your spotlight portfolio, adding something to your range/casting type.

Working in Petersfield, we can shoot a range of looks indoors (that look perhaps like they were taken elsewhere) and perhaps a setup or two outside. I always say that Headshots can often be taken in the most inauspicious surroundings.

Casting Types and Your Headshots

Headshot Range / Variety

Variety and range

It’s not about pulling faces … your headshot portfolio should show a range – appropriate to your strengths.

The acting industry has bias and discrimination. Until that changes, it’s really important to be aware of how other people perceive you so you can apply for roles that match your casting type(s).

Casting directors are extremely busy why would they take a chance on people that don’t immediately appear like they could play the type they need? This is why actors who try to be generic (in the hope they’ll get a wide range of roles) actually end up appealing to no-one.

The clearer your types are defined, the easier it becomes to get auditions – and get booked.

For Actors

Acting Headshots

Thinking about your casting type is super important.

type is usually made up of age, appearance (including gender, height, hair colour etc), personality traits, skills and, sometimes, how you sound.

For your headshot, having an idea of what type would work in particular with particular clothes, hair and expressions to enhance a particular look can be key to an impactful image.

Some ideas of generic casting types

  • The Boy/Girl Next Door.
  • Mean / Cruel
  • Business Man or Woman.
  • The Geek.
  • Maternal or Paternal Figure.
  • Bad Boy.
  • Leading Man or Hero.
Teen and Young Adult headshots

Child Headshots

I love creating great headshots for young and child actors. I’ve got three kids, and I worked as a family photographer for ten years or so, so feel at ease in working with the “yoof”.

As an experienced photographer of children and young people, I know that the shoot will need to be fun. We’re often looking for expressive shots, especially in young children.

Teen / Pre-teen might be closer to the way I’d work for an adult shoot, it depends a bit on the child and whether they’ve worked in the industry or are looking to get started.

Safe guarding wise. We expect a parent or guardian to be present during the session.

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