Do’s and don’ts – before you have your headshot taken

  1. Casting against type.
    We’ve all heard that expression. Casting directors absolutely want to see the same person they’ve selected via headshots. You need to know your BRAND – the type of role suited to you and your features. Embrace your big nose, high forehead and square jawline, you are going to be cast BECAUSE you have those features. Think about the role types you may have already been cast for and what visually you are most suited to. Remember the first stage of the casting process is looking at headshots!
  2. Practice looks and angles.
    Use a mirror and your phone to hone your expression. Nothing cheesy but I’d suggest at least taking time to learn which side of your face you think is more attractive.
  3. Drink lots.
    Of water (the week before) and avoid alcohol the day / evening before. This will give your skin a great look and keep your eyes clear and bright.
  4. Plan your journey.
    Don’t stress about arriving on time.
  5. Hair.
    I’d suggest not having a haircut nearer than a week before – a week long’s growth feels more natural than a just cut look. A trim is different. Bring a hairbrush, comb and any hair products/accessories you need.
  6. Face masks
    Probably best to not experiment with new products or a new regime – your skin might not react how you want.