Headshots on location

On location not just white background

Cinematic Headshots

Shooting “on location” can produce unique headshot portraits to differentiate your photos from the thousands of other headshots online and in print.

On location headshots stand out

Every on location photo session is unique due to the ever-changing light/background combinations.

Often clients might think that Summer is the best time for on-location/natural/lifestyle headshots. This isn’t always the case – overcast days might give us more options for shooting. The bright sun is something I’ll usually be looking to avoid – we might seek out shade or “dial down” the effect of the sun (flash, studio lights, scrim and reflectors.)

On location headshots can still mean shooting indoors – we are looking for a small area (in or outdoor) with visual interest and some decent light.

On location headshot sessions are often a combination of studio lighting with ambient light. Ambient light is the natural lighting in the current environment, and when mixed with studio lighting, can produce very cinematic looking effects.

If you would like some cinematic looking headshots, contact me today to find out how.