Headshots – Range

It’s all about range these days with actors headshots. In addition to your “main” headshot, I will ensure that you get plenty of other photos that cover a useful range of looks and give your Spotlight portfolio some real variation. The same expression in a different top, isn’t range. The headshot portfolios on Spotlight, CCP, The Page UK or CNI UK  offer an […]

Maybe this isn’t your best angle

My intention when I’m behind the camera is to give each person I photograph a better than expected experience tailored toward their individuality. Making you guys look and feel your best is the goal. I take great pride in trying to be calm, patient, happy and upbeat on our shoot and help you with some gentle […]

Posing Tips

I have some slightly odd tips. Some of my headshotee’s have joked with how they feel really silly “doing one tip or other” but the results can make a world of difference to how you look on camera. If it feels weird it probably looks good My normal routine is to take a couple of test shots […]

Colour Headshots or Black and White Headshots?

Black and White for Actor Headshots (at least here in the UK) has traditionally been the only option. Spotlight “the home of casting” published a book with ONLY black and white headshots in it. Now, though it is much more usual to see colour headshots. Spotlight still only shows black and white headshots in its […]

How often should you update your headshot?

Actor Headshots If you have ever heard anyone say you don’t look like your headshot – you need to get some new headshots taken ASAP. A big reason for not being cast is how closely you resemble your headshot. The casting director has picked your headshot as having the right appearance for a given part – do […]

Do’s and don’ts – before you have your headshot taken

Casting against type. We’ve all heard that expression. Casting directors absolutely want to see the same person they’ve selected via headshots. You need to know your BRAND – the type of role suited to you and your features. Embrace your big nose, high forehead and square jawline, you are going to be cast BECAUSE you […]

What should I wear for my business headshot?

Headshot clothing advice for Men What to wear for a smart professional business headshot When choosing clothing for your professional business headshot: think about what you’d wear if you were meeting the people you want to view your image. For a lot of people that means – classic. A favourite suit that fits you well. Ties […]